Vox, by Christina Dalcher

Extremely thought provoking. Vox made me value my freedom of speech which questioning whether I put this to good use.


What would happen if the US government held extreme beliefs which restrict the rights of women? This is the premise of Christina Dalcher’s Vox. Set in a US society where women and girls are limited to a maximum of 100 words a day with shocking consequences if ignored.
Vox focuses on Dr Jean McClellan, a former neurolinguist, as she struggles with growing resentment towards her husband and sons as they continue to enjoy the freedom she once had.

When an opportunity arises and Jean is invited to work for the government, certain restrictions are removed. Can you let go of something when you know what it’s like without it?
Being under close scrutiny and constantly threatened pushes Jean and those around her into action creating an action packed last few chapters.

Thought provoking and well written, Dalcher’s depiction of a split society didn’t feel too extreme or distant. The exploration of how the suppression of women was viewed by different members of the McClellan family and their neighbourhood made the book more impactful. An intriguing read for both men and women alike.

Review by Tanya B.

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