Books for the Working Woman

So this week we thought we would share a different type of book. These books are written by women and are to help YOU with your work. I saw all of them at the Penguin Business 2020 Launch and they inspired me so much there and then, I went and bought the books straight away! Others have been more recent launches from Penguin but we have read ALL of them and 10/10 recommend!

For The One Who Can Do It All (aka all of you!)!

So, if you’re corporate or not, you have ability to hop from one industry to the next. You can literally be in an engineering company one year, and running the HR department for a publishers the year after. You do it all! The Squiggly Career brought out the passion, and the best, in me when I first read it. It made me realise my life isn’t a career ladder to climb, but instead an exploration of so many opportunities out there. Sarah and Helen know what they’re talking about (and their company, Amazing If, is also the bees knees for any kind of career help you need!) when it comes to careers.

For The One Making It On Their Own

So, I was petrified when setting up Women’s Writes. It is still a totally new venture BUT I have 100% confidence in myself and where this business is heading because of Alison Grade. She makes Freelancing so simple, and accessible. Her book is a mix of teaching, exercises to complete, and nice simple graphics. She’s done it all and is here to guide you thought it. I’ve never felt so connected as a freelancer reading this book – which is rare if you’re a solo she-entrepreneur!

OH and just in case you’ve missed it, Alison is going to talk to all of us THIS Tuesday (21st April) at 7:30pm BST you can REGISTER NOW!

For The Newbie

Are you just starting out in your career? Lucy Clayton and Steven Haines have put together this perfect ‘how to’ guide for going to work. It literally gives you the step-by-step guide to going into your first ‘serious’ role. By that, we mean the start of your career! A time that should be exciting, this book takes away all the stress from literally what to wear, to how to set up your emails, to when it’s ok to be the ‘keen’ grad and when to NOT overwork.

And yes, we know this is also a male author but Lucy totally still needs to be featured because as a woman she is doing an awesome thing sharing this knowledge!

For The One Empowering Other Women!

If you’ve ever heard Anne Francke speak you’ll know… she just makes everything make sense. ESPECIALLY about Gender. To be totally honest, the fact you’re reading this, and are here, mean that you get it too, so we won’t go on. This book will give you the ammo you need to take your business case to work to GET MORE WOMEN!

She makes hiring women a business issue as well as a societal issue because it’s known that gender balance promoted better managers and leaders, improves performance and makes for better cultures.

Where to Buy

As we mentioned, all of these books are from Penguin Business and we have received NOTHING for sharing them, we genuinely believe they are fab. You can find them ALL on the Penguin Business Website and here is the link to find out more about Penguin Business:

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